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The Breath Capital  
by Snežana Žabić                                   
The Breath Capital records points of bodily contact in urban environments where eye contact is tacitly forbidden, but where we breathe each other's molecules in and out.  The collection is haunted by 20th-century Europe, but it exists in the Unites States in the 21st century, amid the current drama of late-capitalist class struggle tied to the past and present racial and gender politics. 
Unfixed in time or space, a critical untethering of language and locality, the poems of Snežana Žabić are well populated – with dwellers of the capital city, crones on dunes, platform kin, instructors of disappeared universities – yet a loneliness and solitude pervades. How do we communicate when every breath is translation, when “the mouth loves the crack of the whip,” when “the future is unwritten,” and the present is haunted by the reshuffling of grief, of more of the same? The Breath Capital is unclassifiable in its breadth and beauty, relentless in exploration, powerful in style and syntax, a stunning charge into the spaces in between.                                                                                                                     Elizabeth J. Colen
 This book as it draws our attention to what might be overlooked, ends up being a moving form of both feminist homage and preservation.                                                                                                                                                                        Juliana Spahr

Snežana Žabić writes in Serbo-Croatian and English. She is the author of U jednom životu and, with Ivana Percl, Po(jest)zija/Po(eat)ry. Her work appears in anthologies Diskurzivna tela poezije: Poezija i autopoetike nove genracije pesnikinja and Fifty Years: An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Poetry from the Sixties to the Present.