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Among Naked Gods

Radu Polizu, a passionate traveler with a keen eye, possesses the ability to sketch a landscape, create the atmosphere of a place, illuminate portraits of people, giving a fair view and original perspective of a timeless land, unique in its spirituality, architecture and culture. "Among Naked Gods" is a vivid evocation of India, bringing its complexity along with the tireless curiosity of the author.


About the Author

Radu Polizu lived in Romania under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu until he found his way as a political refugee in the United States. In the U.S., he developed a career in television and started his own video production and consulting company, Flying Monk, specializing in video engineering and production of travel documentaries. Traveling independently, Radu shot footage in more than 70 countries, following the social and cultural aspects of those specific destinations. When he is not traveling, Radu does consulting for television and media companies and writes travel essays for a number of Romanian magazines. In 2016, he published at Scrisul Romanesc, a Romanian publishing house, his first book in Romanian language, Cartea Povestilor Uitate — The Book of Forgotten Stories —, about interesting cultural encounters that occurred during his many shooting assignments around the world. He lives in New York.


New Meridian Arts

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