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The Lost Shadow is the dosier of an anxiety.  A parable of the circular walls and of the infernal nations, The Lost Shadow illustrates the unchanging disease of the immigrant – the sense of an irreversible captivity. Carmen Firan writes the story of an anxious Ulysses, creating an ever more suffocating atmosphere of an inferno, of freedom. 

A powerful novel, with a theme that’s passionate and intriguing at once: the success, as opposed to the failure, of the Eastern European emigrant to New York. The Lost Shadow is essentially an intellectual and erotic novel about conscience. Un-adapted, yanked from the context of his origin, Fred is a metaphysician, a reflexive writer who invests himself existentially and ethically in the written word. In a subtle way, Carmen Firan introduces humorous and ironic-satirical accents into the grave and dramatic tonalities of the novel. A must read. 


Carmen Firan, born in Romania, has published twenty-eight books in her native country and in the United States. Since 2000 she has been living in New York. Among her recent books and publications are Changing Your Sign, Changing your Destiny – An Immigrant’s Horoscope (New Meridian Arts, 2019),  Interviews and Encounters (Poems and Dialogue with Nina Cassian, Sheep Meadow Press, 2016),  Rock and Dew (poems, Sheep Meadow Press, 2013),Words and Flesh, (essays, Talisman Publishers, 2008),  In the Most Beautiful Life (poems with photographs by Virginia Joffe, Umbrage Editions, 2002), and three other collections of poetry: Afternoon With An Angel, The First Moment After Death, and Accomplished Error. She edited Born in Utopia: An Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Romanian Poetry (Talisman House), and co-edited the anthology Stranger at Home. Contemporary American Poetry with an Accent (Numina Press, Los Angeles). Her work appears in translation in France, Israel, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Poland. Firan is a member of the Pen American Center and the Poetry Society of America.