Creek Bait is a collection of fourteen stories, exploring a range of genres. Each story portrays a world of characters who escape from life. Some succeed, others face heartbreak, and the lucky ones find redemption. From the isolation of a husband and wife to a magician who offers a ray of hope, reading their stories is a journey that is passionate, surprising and sometimes tragic.

Each story unfolds like a butterfly's wing: delicate, observational, and ultimately thought-provoking.

                                                       --California Bookwatch

Creek Bait is everything a short story collection ought to be: impressively varied, compulsively readable, and displays a natural writer’s talent for capturing plot, tone, and character quickly, as short fiction requires.

                                                               --Red City Review

These stories reflect the author’s gift for word economy and the art of storytelling. One of those books one reads and revisits just to spend more time with the characters. The quirkiness of the characters, the beauty of the prose, and the strength of the plot points will keep readers absorbed in these pages.
                                                                 --Divine Zape

Creek Bait is perfect reading for those who would consider the love of God, self, and the process of growing and changing.--Midwest Book Review

Creek Bait has flawlessly written stories that will compel, intrigue and excite you from beginning to end!

                                                                                                                                       --Red Headed Review

Richard Lutman has a MFA in Writing from Vermont College and has taught composition, writing and literature courses at Rhode Island Community College, The Learning Connection in Providence, Rhode Island, Fairfield University, and short story classes as part of Coastal Carolina's University's Lifelong Learning Program. 

​He has won awards for his short stories, nonfiction, and screenplays. He was a 2008 Pushcart nominee in fiction.  His novella "Iron Butterfly” set in Hong Kong was shortlisted in the 2011 Santa Fe Writers Project competition. His first novel Patch of Dirt was published in 2016.

​He has also been involved in several butterfly biodiversity projects in Hong Kong, mainland China and Vermont where he worked in the field with high school and university students.

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