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Stories for People Who Watch TV

Stories for People Who Watch TV wallows in the familiar settings and quotidian delights left out of all your favorite television shows. Each story broadcasts the lives of liars, cheaters, problem drinkers, and other utterly lovable characters you kind of/sort of recognize in full Technicolor verbiage for the purpose of judgment and amusement. Whether with family, at work, or chatting with neighbors these characters continually fail to identify social norms or strike any kind of near-appropriate tone. Can a bad situation be resolved by making bad decisions? These characters are determined to find out. Stories for People Who Watch TV is digestible and comforting. On the surface, these stories are funny, but if thought about for more than a lingering moment, they are clearly sad and upsetting. Turn its pages and bask in its warming glow.

"In Stories for People Who Watch TV, from start to finish, Timmy Waldron deals deftly with the characters of his generation:  the mischief they get up to, their jobs, their coworkers, their new suits, the bars, their parents, their husbands and wives, their dependence on technology and the credit-card grifters, the physical and spiritual fights with one another and themselves.  Waldron’s fictional portrait—as befits a master craftsman—is so impeccable one begins to fear that it is real, and maybe it is—regardless, the reader will continue breathlessly turning pages. Stories for People Who Watch TV is not to be missed. Waldron is a writer who delivers!"

—  Thomas E. Kennedy, author of the Copenhagen Quartet (

About the Author

Timmy Waldron is the associate fiction editor of The Literary Review. His stories have been published in various print and online journals since the late ‘90s. His first short-story collection WORLD TAKES was published by Word Riot Press in 2009. Timmy received an MFA from Fairleigh Dickenson University in 2013.


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