Dispatches, a collection of essays that have been published in art and literary journals in the United States and abroad, are a personal journal.  The author writes of art encountered in his travels across America and abroad. The essays describe art’s kaleidoscope - beautiful, sublime, crass and sometimes criminally corrupt that one meets in museums, cities, places and the evening news. Dispatches speaks of museums and monuments as diverse as New York’s Metropolitan Museum, the Parthenon in Athens, the “Big Ditch” Corinthian Canal in Greece and Daniel Chester French’s “barn” turned into an architecturally stunning visitor’s center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.


The essays speak to the arts, warts and all, that makes us human. Some are laudatory, some are critical but all are informative. The essays are graced with images that illustrate the subject matter. The collection is enhanced by the whimsical artistic comments of his collaborator, Daniela Kamiliotis.