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Father Mike Albertino, worn down by financial problems in his old parish and relentless terrorist bombings in his city, is overwhelmed by his own inability to help terrified people. In the midst of all this chaos, he encounters Jenna, a young woman about his age who, inexplicably, cannot feel fear. Mike and Jenna become friends and through this friendship discover the mysterious causes of her disorder. This novel explores the themes of faith, how we know what is real and what is not, and the myriad ways frightened people cope in our increasingly fear-filled world.

“A superb piece of storytelling. Raima Larter takes the reader deep into an extraordinary mystery, one filled with fear and fearlessness, evil and hope, sin and redemption.  A debut novel not to be missed!”

—  James Mathews, author of Last Known Position

About the Author

Raima Larter is a writer from Arlington, Virginia. Her short fiction has appeared in Gargoyle, Writers’ Journal, Mulberry Fork Review, Chantwood Magazine, and others. This is her first novel. Her second novel, Belle o’ the Waters, is due to be published by Mascot Books in 2019. Prior to devoting herself to full-time writing, Larter was a college chemistry professor and government scientist and is now a freelance science writer. Read more about her work at her website,


New Meridian Arts

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