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How the Quiet Breathes

"John Michael Flynn’s language dazzles to a very real end. The range of tones and locales he uses is impressive but more impressive is the feeling invested in what almost inevitably slips through time’s fingers."

—  Baron Wormser, former Poet Laureate of Maine

"Flynn’s prose at every turn is crisp and evocative; he has a gift for description of cities, landscapes and characters – the latter seem so real one could almost touch them. I have for years enjoyed his short stories, poems and translations, and I’m delighted he has brought his considerable powers to a wonderfully vivid collection that crackles with energy and insight."

—  Geoffrey Clark, author of Wedding In October

"There’s something dazzling about how Flynn evokes beauty and isolation, tragedy and triumph, in language that sings and begs us to sing along, too."

—  Alyson Hagy, author of Boleto


"The work is concrete, seductive, and dramatic in its intensity – drawing the reader in."

—  Jack Smith, author of Icon


"Flynn is an author who pays attention to the details. Vivid and engaging, it’s a pleasure to add this to my shelf."

—  Kristen-Paige Madonia, author of Fingerprints of You

About the Author

John Michael Flynn has published poetry collections that include Restless Vanishings (2017), Keepers Meet Questing Eyes (2014), Washing Apples In Streams (2000), and Moments Between Cities (1997). His short story collections include Off To The Next Wherever (2016), Dreaming Rodin (2013), and Something Grand (2002). This is his first collection of essays. Find him on the web at


New Meridian Arts

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