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“Deborah Clearman has written a tense, tragic, deeply authentic book that shares DNA with such cartel-tinged masterpieces as The Power of the Dog and Breaking Bad.”
—  Ben Dolnick, author of The Ghost Notebooks

“A riveting journey through the savage and explosive world of the Latin American drug trade, where innocence and evil are intertwined and the flip sides of friendship, family, love, and redemption lead to an ultimate betrayal. This compelling page-turner was hard to put down and, even at the finish line, I was reluctant to leave Remedios behind.”
—  Judy Chicurel, author of If I Knew You Were Going to be This Beautiful, I Never Would Have Let You Go

“I just finished reading Remedios, and it blew my mind completely! It’s pure narrative adrenaline. Deborah Clearman once again shows her keen understanding and delicate power of observation of life in rural Guatemala. I am still processing the multiple emotions evoked by this masterfully crafted novel.”
—  Eduardo Juarez, Guatemalan author of Mariposas del vértigo and Serenatas al hastío; translator of Concepción and the Baby Brokers


About the Author

Deborah Clearman is the author of Concepción and the Baby Brokers and Other Stories Out of Guatemala (Rain Mountain Press, 2017), and Todos Santos (Black Lawrence Press, 2010). Her short fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals. She wrote and illustrated The Goose’s Tale for children. Her website can be found at

Deborah was born in North Carolina and grew up on a tobacco farm in Southern Maryland. She studied art history and fine arts at Bryn Mawr College and pursued a career in painting. Represented by First Street Gallery in New York City, her paintings and prints have been widely exhibited in galleries and museums.

Since her first visit to Guatemala in 1978, Deborah has been back many times, living for a year in the village of Todos Santos in 2001-2002. She continues to maintain a close connection to the country and her Guatemalan friends to this day. 


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