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With the Vagabonds

"Whether 'humming a Chopin tune' or taking us on a 'Journey above the Clouds,' one thing is certain; Ioana Cosma has written a stellar volume of poetry that is 'ageless and spinning like a Philip Glass piece.' Strongly recommended."

—  Virgil Kay, Editor, Fire Agate Press.


"This collection of poems is for everyone: amateurs, connoisseurs, or experts. They provide a plunge into mankind's secrets. They reveal what we all know, what we all feel with an evocative reflection, a sensation, a feeling, or a story. They express beautifully what is deeply felt, one recognizes the emotion, identifies with it. Beyond the poetry lies the truth that all readers will understand."

—  Roland Le Huene, Professor of French and Comparative Literature, University of Toronto

About the Author

Ioana Cosma is a poet and playwright from Romania. So far, she has published two volumes of poetry—By the Book, in Romania, and In Aevo with Silver Bow Publishing in Canada. Her first play, “The Men from the Mechanical Age,” is forthcoming with Fleas on the Dog magazine. She is a lecturer at the University of Pitesti in Romania.


New Meridian Arts

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