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The Unfolding

The Unfolding traces the return from Los Angeles of Benjamin, the son of an indigent farm worker, who escaped the poverty of his hometown, San Jacinto, with the help of the seemingly benevolent Don Rafael.  Drawn back to his roots by the tragic death of his brother, Omar, he seeks answers which reveal painful truths about his life and loved ones.  Overtaken by guilt and a desire for retribution, Benjamin finds himself led down a deadly path. In search of redemption, this is a story of grief, melancholy, and a final reckoning.   

“The Unfolding is a fierce and tender exploration of familial love and the intricate snares of loyalty. Jeehan Quijano has written an ouroboros of a tale about the stories we inherit, the ones we tell ourselves, and the ones we pass on. A hypnotic debut.”

—  Leslie Parry, author of Church of Marvels

"The sort of writing that feels like a tale within a tale. You lose yourself in it. The defining mark of great storytelling."

—  David Cabello Martinez, author of A Country of Our Own


"Quijano's novel is a fine study of a world turned upside down not only by a desire for revenge but also by mourning, which the reader experiences from the inside. It is a great read because one is drawn so skilfully in to inhabit the life, thoughts, dreams, and disappointments of the mind."

—  Ian Copestake, author of The Ethics of William Carlos Williams's Poetry

About the Author

Jeehan Quijano is from Cebu, Philippines. She is also a pianist and a composer. She lives in Los Angeles, CA. This is her ­first novel.


New Meridian Arts

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