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Quarantine Songs

by Carmen Firan and Adrian Sangeorzan

"Come on, let’s make love on the beach

I know, lying on the sand and swimming are forbidden

and that’s exactly why

let’s make love in a hurry between two waves

until police arrive to pull us out

we’d be so deeply inside each other

they won’t be able to separate us

the tattoo on my shoulder will be on yours

two long wings

your breasts melded in my palms

will be so intimidating

that no authority could fail to recognize

that humanity will be barren without them

with no milk, no credible buoy

in this absurd war

that has locked us in our homes

as in asylums for peaceable lunatics

who take their pills

tidy up their memories three times a day

and at night are allowed to walk imaginary dogs

who bark digitally at the moon.

Hurry, let’s run away while we’re still inside each other

before they forbid flying on our backs."

—  Adrian Sangeorzan

"What’s left to chance for us

and what to an arrow’s choice

when time tangles its strings its tricks

turning the promised future

into a grain of sand


"how much of yesterday will be in tomorrow

and how much remains with us today

the light thins out

or else the darkness thickens

around the heart

planet of dreams pulsing in sleeplessness


"when does the countdown turn into a verdict

numbers jumble

strings knot themselves around the neck.


"Time is a grain of sand.

Nothing more."

—  Carmen Firan

New Meridian Arts

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