Stephanie Dickinson brilliantly ​gives  life to characters we rarely see in fiction — damaged vets, abandoned and crippled children, young women in precarious traps — by creating ​the ​small, perfect details that reveal their hopes and dreams.  ​​Sarah McElwain​, author/editor

Stephanie Dickinson writes with the beauty of a wounded angel. The protagonists in these eleven stories are achingly real, so natural that they craft their own lives. Most, but not all, are women; most, but not all, are young. Each has met humanity’s dark underbelly—through war, predation, neglect, the crueler vagaries of family—and felt the jagged elbows of alienation. And yet, like the Flashlight Girls of the title, they power on with a particular awkward grace that makes these stories hard to put down, and impossible to forget. Gorgeous, heartbreaking, empowering stuff.  


Susan O’Neill, author of Don’t Mean Nothing: Short Stories of Viet Nam

Each story in Flashlight Girls Run digs deeply and honestly into the feelings of the characters. It delves into essences of ourselves to which we feel but lack words. In lyrical cadences, Stephanie Dickinson gives voice to love and tenderness amidst the setbacks of broken dreams, broken hearts, and broken bodies. A must read.   Henya Drescher, author

With a book like Flashlight Girls Run, Stephanie Dickinson appears to be a force to be reckoned with, a gifted writer who deserves greater attention.

Charles Holdefer, author of Dick Cheney in Shorts, 2017

Stephanie Dickinson has lived in Iowa, Texas, Louisiana and now New York City, a state unto itself. .  Her work appears in Hotel Amerika, Mudfish, Weber Studies, Fjords, Cherry Tree, Water-Stone Review, Gargoyle, Rhino, Stone Canoe, Westerly, and New Stories from the South, among others. Her novels are Half Girl and Love Highway, based on the 2006 Jennifer Moore murder. Heat: An Interview with Jean Seberg, was released by New Michigan Press, and her hybrid collection, The Emily Fables, is just out from ELJ Publications. Her work has received multiple distinguished story citations in the Pushcart Anthology, Best American Short Stories, and Best American Mysteries.  She is the editor of Rain Mountain Press.