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Julius Matthias: A Pact with the Devil

As the twentieth century begins, in a small Transylvanian city Julius Matthias light-heartedly declares that he is ready to make a pact with the devil to fulfill his dream: becoming a doctor. An arranged marriage with an heiress neither young nor pleasant will make it possible. But it comes at a price. From Vienna in Austria to Budapest and Paris, the handsome doctor will know love and tragedies as two world wars tear Europe apart.


“A nostalgic tale, sometimes to the slow rhythm of a staid Waltz, sometimes to that of a dizzy and wild tango.”

—  President Shimon Peres

Full Review by Ilya Meyer

About the Author

Michelle Mazel was born in France. A graduate of the Law School and the Institute for Political Science of Paris, she was a Fullbright scholar to the United States. She married an Israeli diplomat, and for forty years she went with him from one interesting country to another. She took to writing, becoming a frequent contributor to “The Jerusalem Post” and to “Israel Scene” magazine. She has taken part in a number of collective works such as the Macmillan Illustrated Dictionary and Concordance of the Bible and the Grolier Holocaust encyclopedia. She is a regular contributor to the Jewish Political Study Review. 

In 1993, she published her first thriller, Stone Moon, originally published in Hebrew, then in French. It was followed by Sirens over Jerusalem, also published in Hebrew and in French. In 2003, she wrote in Hebrew Wife to the Ambassador, a memoir of the eight years she spent with her husband in Egypt. La Maison du Pacha, an updated version of that book, was published in France. In 2014, she published in Israel Dancing with the Ambassador, a nostalgic and humorous memoir of her 40 years on the diplomatic circuit. Another thriller, The Sheikh from Hebron, was published in French in November 2015.


New Meridian Arts

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