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Those Who Buy Stars

A story set in the 16th century across three continents. Based on the legend that meteorite fragments, known as stones fallen from the sky, are thought to bring immortality to those who possess them. The search for meteorite fragments takes us from Constantinople's Great Bazaar to the opposite end of the Silk Road in China, as well as Malaysian islands brimming
with unique spices, and from the heights of a Tibetan monastery in Lassa to Genoa's fortifications. A veritable cavalcade of sensations that captivate readers, the book leaves a compelling message: we seek shooting star fragments to achieve immortality and try to outlast our passage in this world by building palaces, cathedrals, minarets, and walls; and yet, the true meaning of life is here and now, moment by moment, seemingly fragile but powerful due to our common, universal, human core that unites us all.


About the Author

Anca Mizumsky, Romanian-born, has written eleven volumes - poetry, essays, and short stories. Those Who Buy Stars is her first novel. Her poems are translated into English, Spanish, Swedish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Albanese, Czech, Portuguese, and Chinese. As a writer, psychologist, and social activist, she has
published articles and held conferences on collective trauma, identity, and therapeutic writing. She lives with her family in Phoenix, Arizona.

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New Meridian Arts

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