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by Paul Doru Mugur

Psychonautica is a journey through many different worlds: virtual, onirical, esoterical, or simply the crazy Bucharest traffic; it is a quest for inner freedom in the maelstrom of our fast-forward culture. The stories weave concepts borrowed from literature, philosophy, IT, anthropology, cognitive science and quantum physics-and introduce a panoply of tripped post-human characters.

"With each story in Psychonautica, the writer rocketed me to the fourth dimension of the modern mind while grounding me in physics and fables" more

                                                                          --Jan Schmidt

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About the Author

 PAUL DORU MUGUR  is a writer and editor. 

His published volumes include: Scutul lui Perseu (Perseus' Shield, aphorisms, Publistar, Bucharest, 1999); Ceva ușor (Something Easy, poems, Brumar, Timișoara, 2006) and Psihonautica (shorts stories, Curtea Veche Publishing, 2009). He is the co-editor of four poetry volumes: Born in Utopia: An anthology of Modern and Contemporary Romanian Poetry, Talisman House, 2006; The Vanishing Point That Whistles: An Anthology of Contemporary Romanian Poetry, Talisman House, 2011; Locul nimãnui. Antologie de poezie americanã contemporană. 36 de poeți americani contemporani (Nobody' Place: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry: 36 Contemporary American Poets), Cartea Publishing House Românească, Bucharest, 2006 and Poeme din zona de tranzit. Antologie de poezie hispanică (Poems from the transit zone. An Anthology of Hispanic Poetry) Tracus Arte Publishing House, Bucharest, 2020. In 2000, he founded Respiro, an electronic cultural magazine,


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