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Changing Your Sign, Changing Your Destiny: An Immigrant's Horoscope

"Immigrants are privileged to be born again. It is a random affair for the stars, but we are blessed, as Carmen Firan's book generously explains, to have two astral logics for living our lives. In her view, our first birth unfolds under a Western zodiacal sign. When we emigrate we are born again within the Chinese divination system.

"I, for instance, was born in Romania a Sagittarius, under the tutelage of Jupiter, which makes me a centaur, half horse, half man. When I emigrated to the United States in the Chinese Year of the Horse, I was born again as a horse. Chinese astrology makes no judgement, but being a loudmouth American seems better than being the surveilled pawn of a police state. Happily, Carmen Firan's use of two systems, gives every immigrant the chance of literally switching fates after changing countries.


"Every immigrant should read this book to examine and practice the gift of rebirth."

—  Andrei Codrescu, author of No Time Like Now: New Poems (2019)

About the Author

Carmen Firan, a poet and fiction writer, has published more than twenty-five books, including novels, short stories, essays, and poetry in her native Romania and in the United States. Since 2000, she has been living in New York. Among her recent books and publications are Interviews and Encounters (Poems and Dialogue with Nina Cassian, Sheep Meadow Press), Inferno (SD Press), Rock and Dew (Sheep Meadow Press), Words and Flesh (selected works of prose, Talisman Publishers). Her work appears in translation in magazines, anthologies, and books in France, Israel, Sweden, Germany, England, Ireland, and Poland. Firan is a member of the Pen American Center and the Poetry Society of America. Her website can be found at


New Meridian Arts

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