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Blue Rhinoceros

When a disgraced newspaperman gets hired to investigate the murder of an endangered species in a New York zoo, he immediately writes it off as a waste of time. But as he begins to unearth more of the bizarre details surrounding the 20-year-old crime, what began as a fools errand turns abruptly menacing, and he finds himself at the center of a shadowy conspiracy stretching from the board rooms of New York hedge funds to the hinterlands of rural Oklahoma. Suffused with paranoia, rich satire and elegiac prose, reviewers call Blue Rhinoceros “a remarkable achievement.”


About the Author

​Jesse Salvo‘s short fiction has been featured in Hobart, Barren Magazine, Menacing Hedge, Pacifica Review, X-Ray Lit, Cowboy Jamboree, Tiny Molecules, and BULL. Before that, he spent three years working for online comedy magazines. Blue Rhinoceros is his first novel.


New Meridian Arts

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