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The Avant-Garde Never Dies and Doesn't Surrender

The late poet Nina Cassian was very familiar with the avant-garde’s joyful flights and chivalrous desperation. Funny and challenging, imaginative and unique in style, in the book of her most famous avant-garde poems from over six decades and her accompanying witty drawings, Nina invents a new language of force and grace.


About the Author

Nina Cassian was a prominent writer and translator in Romania before she was forced to seek asylum in 1985 in America. Ms. Cassian has since become well known in the West. Her poems—some translated to English; other, more recent ones composed in English—have appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly and elsewhere. Her English-language collections include Life Sentence: Selected Poems (1990), Take My Word for It (1998), and Continuum (2008).

Intense, passionate and clear-eyed, Ms. Cassian’s poetry often centered on the nature of erotic love and—both before her exile and after—of loss, death, and decay.


New Meridian Arts

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